Bespoke Tailoring – Made-to-Measure.

At Lapel1865, whether it’s a moment to capture in time, a special occasion, a gift for yourself, wearing a made–to–measure suit is something rather special.

This unique experience will allow you to create your own suit from a number of design and fabric choices. There are many options to make your suit personal to you – trendy or classical look, fabric choice, vents or number of buttons. You style it just for you.

Deciding to create your own made-to-measure suit is your first step to being individual, to wanting something that little bit different. You get to join the fashion design world…..if only for a brief time.

Lapel 1865 offers you a personal tailoring service with a wide range of luxurious fabrics and design choices for you to combine. We make this an enjoyable project for you in our private suites where you will be afforded a one-to-one consultation.

No matter what your size or shape, a made-to-measure suit ensures a perfect fit.

Everyone’s an original – Designed by you.
LAPEL 1865